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If you need to find a home for a pet . . . WE MAY HELP !

Why you should NOT seek to give up your best friend:

  1. Life’s curves and ups and downs causes some people to take the easy way out of such difficulties, which trains people to not follow thru on commitments. This habit results in failures of relationships, employments, education, abandonment of children, spouse, and consequently an irreversible constant downward spiral of life. It is in YOUR interest to train yourself to control your life rather than the reverse. Giving up your animal best friend makes you lose self-confidence and puts you in a vicious cycle to get an animal, surrender, get an animal, surrender, over and over again all throughout your life. It is a lose-lose direction for you, your loved ones, and the animals.

  2. Some limited situations may warrant surrendering an animal, such as age creeping up on you and you cannot provide proper care for the animal due to being bed-bound or worse, or being evicted by the marshal when you have absolutely nowhere to go with your best friend in tow, or are going into a homeless or abused person shelter, or are raided by the Health department for hoarding. If your reason for re-homing an animal qualifies with us as genuine with no alternative WE MAY HELP !

  3. Read this University study on the mistaken decisions people make which causes them to give up their best friends


If you absolutely need to give up your best friend you can use the AAVC Intake Program:

  1. Sign our Re-Homing Agreement (which is not a surrender agreement) and you give us 90 days to find your best friend a new home.

  2. We promote and advertise your best friend.

  3. We provide behavior assessment, training, and medicals needed to make the animal adoptable. 

  4. You agree to bring your best friend to our adoption events and take him back home if not adopted that day.

  5. You agree to take your best friend back if the new adoption does not work out during or after the 1 month trial period, while we find another home.

  6. If we cannot adopt out after 90 days we put your best friend on our Intake waiting list or we take the animal outright, provided you provide the documentation and/or information we ask for.

  7. Federal and State tax returns of past two years of pet owner must be provided if financial instability is the reason to re-home your friend

  8. If outside fundraising efforts are recommended by us those efforts we specify must be performed

  9. If after all these efforts by both you and us have not found a new home for your pet, we will intake and find him/her a home.


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