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About Us

           The Animal Adoption Veterinary Center (””)(“”)("")("")("") is brought to you by charitable organizations. Our brand new state-of-the-art facility is the most centrally located animal facility in the NY-NJ-CT tri state. Conveniently located on the busiest highway in the United States, the Long Island Expressway, and very near the Van Wyck Expressway, Clearview Expressway, Cross Island Parkway, and Grand Central Parkway, the AAVC provides its services like no other facility in the world. Already having operated two Low Cost Vet Mobile full service mobile veterinary hospital vehicles in all five boroughs for the past eleven years, a building facility was needed due to the incredible demand upon the Vet Mobiles, which has quadrupled in our eleven years. 

            We have treated 36,000 animals, provided approximately 200,000 examinations, performed over 1,000 major surgeries (not counting spay/neuters), and every year we have broken our records from all previous years. Opening a full service building facility will enable us to help animals and those who care for them in ways which has never been previously thought of, much less done. Continuing the Low Cost Vet Mobile’s (“”)( (“") model of pioneering low prices for full service and emergency veterinary care, the AAVC has some major and some minor differences with the Low Cost Vet Mobiles which we operate.

​Volunteers & Employment

Folks, we invite volunteers and job applicants to our facility to pet and play with our adoptable animals. Our cats are all super affectionate, interactive and love humans. Our adoptable cats are taken off of the euthanasia list of Animal Care & Control ("ACC") of New York City. We partner with the best rescue groups in NYC such as K9Kastle, who take these cats from ACC. Most would likely not be alive now if K9Kastle had not taken them. K9Kastle, like most rescue groups, is an entirely volunteer organization. While waiting for their forever adoption homes, during their boarding at the Animal Adoption Veterinary Center our Vet Mobiles provide all medical treatments and socialization. We even provide ONE YEAR OF FREE VETERINARY SERVICES for our adopted animals and FREE LIFETIME ANNUAL EXAMS. We take in some of the sickest and most injured cats from ACC. You can now help us love these sweet angels, heal them, see them improve, and ultimately see them get adopted by their forever homes. Now THAT'S real pleasure ! 


Half Price Vet Services & Free Exams

for Volunteers & Employees


Our paid staff gets the privilige of half price veterinary services for their personal animals and their personal rescues. Our volunteer staff also gets the same privilige. If you are a rescuer, or live with or care for several animals, by volunteering with us you can reduce your veterinary expenses by as much as 75% in comparison to market rates. Not only does your pocketbook benefit, so do your animals, and our animals. Our paid staff is extremely busy so their capability to socialize and pet and play with our animals is limited. This is where you can come in and enrich our animals' lives and at the same time reduce your expenses on your personal animals or personal rescues. You can drop by any Wednesday and put in an application to volunteer. We hope we see you soon ! 

Yearly Basic Membership $25

Yearly Family Membership $50

         Yearly Rescue Partner $ 100

       Lifetime Sponsor $500

Friends for Life  

​​Sign up to volunteer or apply for a job and help the animals live beautiful lives !

Email us to apply as a volunteer or for employment opportunities




The Animal Adoption Veterinary Center is the ONLY dog and cat adoption facility in Queens, New York City. Its purpose is to pioneer a higher quality adoption service than has ever existed anywhere else by providing:


● 24 hr LIVE INET MONITORING of resident animals available for adoption

● ONE YEAR OF FREE VETERINARY CARE for adopted animals

● UNLIMITED trial period

● FREE MICROCHIPS including lifetime registration for our adopted             animals

● FREE LIFETIME ANNUAL EXAMS for our adopted animals

● LIFETIME RETURN POLICY for our adopted animals


Your donation will cover our expenses to provide all these services in order to entice people to adopt, adopt, adopt ……especially from us !!!


All donations to the Animal Adoption Center are tax deductible.

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