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There are thousands of animal shelters, animal sanctuaries, mom and pop volunteer rescue groups. So what distinguishes Companion Animal Network ("CAN"), one of the charitable organizations behind the AAVC and the Low Cost Vet Mobile ? CAN was organized in 1980, with the unimaginable goal of forcing the end of 100 years of the virtually automatic same day killing of New York City's homeless pets. It required the termination of a $5 million animal control contract issued by the City of New York. CAN began with filing law suits and authoring state legislation.  Both goals were accomplished in just three years and on November  12, 1992 CAN was credited in New York City Council Resolution 985 for educating its members. 

Next, CAN set its sights on starting the nation's first animal relinquishment prevention program to New York City's animal control shelter. That goal was accomplished within five years when NYC Health Commissioner Thomas Friedan met with CAN and authorized the commencement of the "Safety Net Program," providing a 24 hr hotline, advice, referrals, support, and low cost veterinary services. For this first ever accomplishment in the field of animal control CAN was awarded the Animal Guardian Award two years in a row by the California based national organization In Defense of Animals

After several years of operating the Safety Net surrender prevention program for New York City's animal control agency CAN founded the world's first full service mobile low cost veterinary hospital. Quickly becoming one of the tristate's busiest veterinary practices, within a few years a building was purchased which became the Animal Adoption Veterinary Center. Within four years of the purchase of the building the Animal Adoption Veterinary Center will be opening.

In addition to its accomplishments in New York City, CAN has accomplished major successes in other states as well. In Louisiana, CAN took legal action against what was probably the worst animal control agency in that state, operated by the city of Lafayette. After a three year law suit and numerous times being the lead story in Lafayette's television and print media, the city of Lafayette ended automatic gas chamber killing, switched to humane euthanasia by injection, began welcoming volunteers at animal control, and began an all out effort to save animals through adoption and a surrender prevention program. Within one year of our major success the entire state of Louisiana closed all the gas chambers, literally hundreds of them. In recognition of CAN's accomplishments in Louisiana CAN was awarded the Pioneer Spirit Award by the Humane Society of Louisiana at the New Orleans City Council.

The next year, CAN took on the state of North Carolina, to also force it to end the killling of pets with gas chambers, the predominant way of euthanasia in the entire state. Again authoring state legislation, the pressure that CAN brought on the North Carolina State Legislature resulted in the entire state switching to humane injection euthanasia.

Almost 40 years of history has shown that CAN gets things done. CAN has been a unique leader in the animal protection field. With your help we will continue by breaking through other "glass ceilings" which no one else had been able to do for another 40 years.

​Your support is all that we need to continue to do what we have been doing for the past 40 years, which is chronicled on our Media Reports & Rescue Adoption Pages

Please donate to an animal who'se family cannot afford our low veterinary prices

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